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    Unmetered hosting is a bit like unlimited space and bandwidth, but where we don’t believe in unlimited we believe that responsible clients can use the space they need.

    This package add on will be subject to our FUP (Fair Usage Policy). Our policy stipulates what is allowed on this package type.


    • Add add on to shared hosting.
    • Add add on to shared reseller hosting.

    New add-on features where your addon is connected to its corresponding product. This does not mean it won't be free. It is so we can better manage your addon and will stay free.

    We are aware of an issue with our new font, not being recognised on apple products. We are looking into this issue and will apply the fix on the next website release. v0.0.5

    We are thinking of creating a cloud sharing service. This services we hope to be free but we may have to charge in the future. Here is a list of features we hope to implement into the website.

    • Gallery
    • Calendar
    • Filebase
    • Blogging

    If we do start this project, we will be starting with the gallery. More updates on this to come soon.

    New Webuzo packages are for home and clients with little knowledge or expertise. Webuzo is a single client web server control panel, but not just that they are run on independent VPS, VDC serves. This means your server is yours alone.

    Our Webuzo packages will be managed for free.


    1. Create Category
    2. Create Packages

    We will be starting an affiliate program. You will be able to get account credit for referring clients to us. We will be updating this task with more information soon.

    Hey Everyone,

    As some may know we did have our development solely on Github. But we moved away while we focused on other aspects. We are now ready to look into moving part of our development back to Github.

    We will be keeping our new development website, but we plan to integrate Github into our system here. When opening a ticket or releasing a version, Github will talk to our system here and post these events to our Developer Boards here.

    We would really like to know what you think of this idea?

    We are looking into partnering with cPanel, and offering our free accounts on our new cPanel servers.

    We will know more in the next 48-74 hours.

    If the agreement is made we will work on the following;

    • Change DirectAdmin Packages to cPanel.
    • Setup Backend Settings.